Eastern Florida State College

James H. Richey, J.D., EFSC President

Board of Trustees
Ronald Howse, Acting Chairperson
Dr. Edgar Figueroa, Vice Chairperson

R. Bruce Deardoff
Laura Moody
Winston Scott

Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.

Bob Papke, Vice President & General Manager

Board of Directors

Anthony J. Catanese, Chairperson
Tom Molnar, Vice Chairperson
Christine Lance, Secretary

Steven W. Bierbrunner, Treasurer


Carol Craig
Brian Curtin

Stephanie Moss Dandridge
Howie Dorough

Nancy Dwyer
Darcia Francey

Thomas G. Fox

Michael Grieves
Rita Moreno

Robert J. Naberhaus, III
James H. Richey
Winston E. Scott
G. Mitchell Varnes, Jr.
Gregory Watson
Scott D. Widerman

Maxwell C. King, Director Emeritus