Bag Policy

To help provide a safe environment and expedited entry, our policy limits the size and types of bags that may be brought into the King Center. Exceptions for ADA and medical purposes will be reviewed at one of our entrance security checkpoints. All items brought into the venue are subject to search.  

NO non-clear bags larger than 4.5”x8.5”x2”.   

Approved Bags:  

  • Wristlets or wallets 4.5"x8.5"x2" or smaller.  
  • Clear bags up to 12"x6"x12".  
  • Clear, one (1) gallon plastic resealable storage bag. 

Before Your Visit

  • We recommend selecting either MOBILE DELIVERY or PRINT AT HOME tickets for a contactless ticketing experience. Contact the ticket office if you need to change your delivery method at 321.242.2219. 
  • If you would like to utilize the PREFFERED PARKING option, we recommend purchasing in advance of your visit. 
    Purchase Preferred Parking
  • Visit the listing for your event on our events page, or reference the “What to Know” email you will receive prior to the show, for information on available concessions, intermission plans for your event, and event-specific health and safety guidelines. 
    Events Page

Arriving at the Venue

If you purchase preferred parking, your name will be on a list with the parking attendant. Staff will not be handling physical tickets, and you will not need to have a printed ticket for preferred parking. 

If you need to visit the ticket office prior to entry, please look above the open windows to select the appropriate window. Have your photo ID ready to show ticket office staff if you are picking up tickets or need something reprinted. 

Security checks are still in place for entry. Please observe the guidelines to allow for a quick and contactless entry: 

  • No weapons of any kind are allowed into the King Center. This includes pocketknives, and concealed weapons (per $790.06, Florida Statutes) 
  • All bags are subject to search. 
  • Bags are limited to small, hand-held clutches, wristlets, or wallets no larger than 4.5” x 8”.  Anything exceeding this size WILL NOT be allowed inside the venue. 

Please distribute a ticket to each member of your party. We recommend displaying the tickets on your mobile device. 

While Inside the King Center

Hand sanitizing stations are readily available throughout the venue for use as often as possible. Utilize hand sanitizer stations after touching any communal area such as handrails, counters, doors, etc. 

Please adhere to posted and expressed policies. Some policies and procedures are determined on a show-by-show basis and are subject to change. 

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited inside the King Center. All patrons entering the building are subject to search.  

  1. Firearms or weapons of any kind 
    Per $790.06, Florida Statutes (including Concealed Weapons Permit) and $790.115, Florida Statutes 
    Exceptions: Per $790.052, Florida Statutes AND EFSC Procedures Manual. $112.B.2.b (Certified Law Enforcement Officers) 
  2. Alcoholic beverages or bottles 
    +Alcoholic beverages purchased on property may not be taken out of the venue 
  3. Outside food or beverages  
    +Tailgating is not permitted 
  4. Illegal drugs 
  5. Smoking or e-cigarettes 
  6. Unauthorized solicitation, handbills, giveaways, or sampling 
  7. Backpacks, bags, containers or packages larger than 4.5” x 8” x 2” 
    +All bags subject to search 
  8. Video or audio recording devices or cameras with detachable lens or lens 6” or larger 
  9. Go-pros, selfie sticks, laser pointers and signs 
  10. Pets, except ADA approved service animals 
    +Per ADA requirements