We've got something new poppin' up in our main lobby! King Center is pleased to introduce our brand new concession selections with Max's Coffee & Snacks! Offering the perfect pre-show and intermission pick-me-ups, Max's flavored coffees and fresh treats are just the things you're looking for. Just as in our main concession line, purchases are cashless. 

Max's Menu

Popcorn, SM Bag $4.50 LG Bag $6

Flavored Popcorn, $7 Cheddar or Caramel

Cookies, $6.50

Red Bull, Original, Watermelon, $5

Coffee, $6

Includes choice of flavor: cinnamon bun, butterscotch, dark chocolate, almond, French vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel, sweet cream or regular cream

Hot Chocolate, $4

Add $4 Floater - Kahlúa or Baileys