ASM Global acquired the management of the King Center in July 2020. The team at the King Center is made up of full and part time staff, as well as volunteers that ensure we are bringing the best possible experiences to our guests.

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Bob Papke, VP & General Manager, (321)433-5719

Ricky Gonzales, Director of Finance, (321)433-5722

Chris Merrell, Director of Food & Beverage, (321)433-5827

Rob Adams, Director of Facilities, (321)433-5822

Ashley Dillow, Director of Sales & Marketing, (321)433-5720

Madysen Brutto, Marketing & Premium Services Manager, (321) 433-5763

Christine Stolpe, Ticketing Office Manager, (321) 242-2219          

Melissa Queen, Event Services Manager, (321) 433-5791

Vincent Russo, Booking Manager, (321) 433-5823

Dawn Mericle, Volunteer Coord/Office Manager, (321)433-5719

Brittany Travers, Staff Accountant, (321)433-5715

Paul Edman, Custodial Supervisor, (321)433-5795