The Underwater Bubble Show brought science to life in a magical way! 

Melody M., HOPE Academy

We used materials suggested in the show to supplement our classroom instruction. The students learned how to be a good audience member while learning about the science concepts presented in the show. 

Kathy L., Roy Allen Elementary

The Buffalo Soldiers show helped us to dive into more specifics about the main character and his relevant experiences. The show helped us tie together Black History month as well as our study of US expansion into the West. We always look forward to the shows.

Kyron A., Brevard Homeschoolers

We were all absolutely amazed at Artrageous. It was the perfect show for our students. They loved getting involved and dancing to the music. They were mesmerized by the live artist painting on stage. The teachers were talking about this all week long. We received many thank you emails from parents as well about how great the show was.  

Amber S., Viera Charter School

I want to specifically point out that the recent show we attended, Letters Home, has to be one of the most moving productions I’ve ever seen, at any theater. The topic was so applicable to our times; the show was targeted and performed to the appropriate age group; and the production company was top caliber.  The respect that was shown to the audience at the follow-up question & answer session was commendable. I hope that you can continue to search out new and exciting programs, while receiving community support as they are so beneficial to the youth, and really to all, of our area. 

Linda Crumbaugh, Brevard County Homeschool Teens 

What a wonderful and different experience for the children. They loved it! They loved the humor and dance and the way the performers interacted with the children during and after the show.

Pani Alexander, Coquina Elementary

This is an excellent program that consistently provides exceptional presentations. The study guides are an over and above supplement. A fun experience hearing songs, watching the adaptation of the book, come alive on stage. All expectations were met and exceeded! 

Kim Raymond, home school 

Our senior residents are elderly and low income. They respond to beauty and quality only the living human effort of live theatre satisfies this desire. 

Betty Ann, Activities Director

The programs that my class has attended at the King Center have never failed to entertain us. They are always of the highest quality, and the variety of the performances allows our students to experience events they may never have an opportunity to enjoy. 

Lisa Dietz, Brevard Jewish Community School 

The day Sidiki Conde and Toukonou Ensemble came to our school was a great one! We were so impressed with his physical and spiritual strength. As a result of a sponsorship made possible through the partnership of the King Center corporate sponsors, VSA and Brevard Public School District our fourth through sixth grade students experienced this in-school performance. The day felt even more special when the group joined the students in the cafeteria for lunch even after three straight hours of performing. 

Sarah Helfeldt, South Lake Elementary

This was high quality and entertaining. The students’ interests were “grabbed” right at the beginning and held throughout the production. 

Laird Parsons, Teacher, Quest Elementary

My experience from this program was more than I expected. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the ISH Artist In Residence. 

Kiana Ramie, ISH Artist In Residence Participant

This workshop has given me a multitude of ideas to incorporate into my teaching. I teach language arts and see this as having a major impact particularly on poetry units taught throughout the year. I am especially anxious to use the techniques learned when presenting examples of literal and figurative language. Students will visualize the ideas better and be involved in their own interpretations. 

Pamela Seaton, Suntree Elementary

This workshop gave me many great ideas and effective ways to use puppets as a teaching tool in my classroom. 

Lorie Hayman, Gardendale Elementary

Had a great time! Cannot wait until my students can do some of the activities. 

Richard Widmeier, McNair Magnet School