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A Message from the Theatre for Youth Director

Over 10,500 children and young adults served each year!

Exposure to arts and culture begins the vital process of creating a whole child. It’s more than just theatre…it’s Imagination, Memories and Education!

Since 1993, the Theatre for Youth Program (TFY) formerly Educational Theatre Program was developed to cultivate an appreciation for arts and culture from infant to adult. The program offers an array of arts and educational theatre enrichment opportunities for youth through young adult. We would like to continue to deliver on our commitment to bring a memorable experience to our youth.

The fun begins at the King Center, with live theatre performances in music, dance, plays, interactive workshops serving area schools, training with master teachers in our Summer Musical Theatre Project. If you are a family or have a private group, home school, or public school, an arts experience at the King Center is one we would like you to consider. The fun does not stop when the show is over. When you purchase tickets to any of the Theatre for Youth Programs, complimentary study resource guides and theatre etiquette booklets are available for most programs. These resources enhance and augment the theatrical experience for all ages. You can experience the arts as a group or as a family.

We extend heartfelt thanks to our dedicated educators, community and business collaborators for their continued support of the King Center Theatre for Youth Program. We strive to select programs that will entertain, educate and enrich through each live theatre experience. With excitement, we are looking forward to working with you as we embark on another season of live theatre.

Let Your Imagination Take You Places!

Yours in the arts!
Karen Wilson
Theatre for Youth Office:   321-433-5718
King Center Ticket Office: 321-242-2219