Classic Albums Live CSNY - DEJA VU

Presented by The King Center
Friday, February 17, 2012 at 8:00 PM
Main Stage

Classic Rock!  There's nothing like it!  Not a tribute performance or a cover band.  Classic Albums Live is an ensemble of world-class musicians recreating the greatest Rock albums ever recorded live on stage.  CSNY's "Deja Vu" is one of the most celebrated and iconic classic rock albums ever created.  The super group's masterwork will be faithfully re-created note for note in its entirety by Classic Albums Live, down to every detail of the original recording. Like a symphony orchestra performing the works of Mozart, Classic Albums Live forgoes the gimmickry of costumes and impersonations, putting the music first.  These world-class musicians will tackle this iconic album, concentrating solely on recreating it as you remember it from the original recording. Legendary songs such as "Woodstock," "Our House," "Teach Your Children," "Almost Cut My Hair" and "Helpless" will be performed, followed by performances of additional hits from CSNY's amazing song catalogue.

Join us at 6:00 for our Picnic on the Patio (weather permitting)

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