Swazzle's Dream Carver

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 10:30 AM
Main Stage

Swazzle’s Dream Carver is a 45-55-minute bilingual musical that tells the story of Mateo, a young boy in Oaxaca, Mexico whose father has taught him to carve small wooden toys in the traditional way. Mateo, dreams of fantastic, brightly colored animals that dance and sing, led by a charismatic quetzal. He is compelled to carve his dream animals into life. Swazzle’s Dream Carver features a variety of colorful handcrafted puppets, including large-scale, full-body hand puppets, rod puppets and black-light puppets. The set is a multilevel that evokes a Mexican landscape and captures the essence of the children’s book of the same name.

Suggested audience: Grades Kindergarten through 6


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