Lewis Black "The Rant is Due"

Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 8:00 PM
Main Stage
Tickets on Sale Friday, October 18th at Noon

LEWIS BLACK, Grammy Award-winning stand-up comedian, is one of the most prolific and popular performers working today.  His live performances provide a cathartic release of anger and disillusionment for his audience.  He is a passionate performer who is a more pissed-off optimist than mean-spirited curmudgeon. Lewis is the rare comic who can cause an audience to laugh themselves into incontinence while making compelling points about the absurdity of our world. When Lewis lets loose his frustrations on stage during ‘The Rant Is Due’ tour, you better get ready for a night of comic frenzy. This performance may contain mature content.
Additional Information:
Group inquiries call (321) 433-5824                         
Reserved Parking Available? Yes
Doors open one hour before the show

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