Outreach and Special Projects

We can come to you… if you cannot come to us!


Since 1999, The King Center Theatre for Youth and Outreach Program has taken arts and educational theatre programs to the community creating opportunities for youth to have access to high quality cultural enrichment. These opportunities are in addition to our regular scheduled school time performances presented at the King Center. When outreach programs are available, community venues play an integral part in shaping our community. Hosting an outreach program at your venue, you strengthen your community and create a cultural bond with the King Center.

The King Center Theatre for Youth & Outreach Program (TFY)


To host
Crocodile River Music (CRM)

African Arts in Education Artist Residency


AVAILABLE: February 19 – 22, 2019

 Infused with music, art and dance

Enjoy this high-energy, engaging residency as you journey through the cultures of Africa. Members of CRM share their skills and talents while teaching your students about the origin of the music, instruments and dances that you experience in this unique program. Step into another continent: play the powerful drums and other musical instruments; unwind with the movements of African dance; and explore some of the touchable artifacts directly from Africa. The program culminates with an interactive staged concert performance by CRM

For additional info: Contact the Theatre for Youth and Outreach Program  (321) 433-5718