Friends of The King Center 2013-2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Friends of the King Center help play the crucial role of providing financial support for King Center programming. For more information,call 321-433-5720.

Chairman’s Circle
Tony & Sara Catanese, Florida Institute of Technology
Community Credit Union—David Brock
Carol & John Craig
Mike & Mary Louise Coleman
Pennie DiPrima
Phil & Jeanne Farmer
Michael & Carol Ann Gaich
Myra Igo Haley
John T. Hartley
Nick & Diane Heldreth
Steve & Cathy Johnson
Louise W. Jones
Christine Lance
Henry J. Lonski
Tom & Polly Molnar
Bill & Wendy Potter
Jim & Jeri Ronaldson
Sandy Sanderson,
The Edward W. Scott Jr. Family
Winston E. Scott
Scott & Joan Sorensen

Fran S. Delisle
Carl & Shirley Ring
Gwendolyn C. Scoles
Barbara Brunjes
Mr. & Mrs. A. Dinho
Fred Fernez
Alan & Muriel Friedman
Pauline Garcia
Aunt Grace
David & Donna Groden
Doris Jannke
Dr. & Mrs. Maxwell C. King
Col. William R. Lee
Christine & John LePage
Troy Lotane
Vicki Marcano
Shirley E. McGrath
Melvin & Linda Mills
Rita Moreno
Pierre & Heather Mommers
Curt & Cheryl Mosley
Charlotte Neal
Cathy & Jack Rood

Jennifer Adams
David Crites & Joan Tupin-Crites
Don Grabach
Jackie Keith
Nancy Mooney Hebert
Elmer & Gloria Pensack
Kenneth Ratcliff
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Schick
Garry & Virginia Sines
Autumn & Walter Shrum
Nancy Sorensen
Tom Ungerer

Jacquelyn Cartwright
Rae McCabe
Timothy & Christina Nolan
Doug & Tina St. Clair

Listings are correct as of 01/15/14. If we have inadvertently left your name off, or if your name is listed incorrectly, please accept our sincere apologies and call us with the correct information at 321-433-5720.
To donate to the King Center, please visit or call 321-433-5720.